The pull to explain us

tugs at your sleeve —

sunlight, angles, ice, refraction.

Our luminous, flighty aurora

is hexagons,

scattering light.


Does it reassure you,

the defining?

Objectivity without wonder

can be lonely,

a single currency

of self.


There is more than knowledge

in this light.

It is the knowing

in all things, the co-creating

of each moment.

No one,

not one thing

is left out.


You can trust this

feathered leap within you,

the invitation to be this


Like us

you are part of the vibrant, moving


frosting the morning with color,

slipping free of every label,

each scale

and correlation.


You are this free,

and this integral —


within the all encompassing whirl,

a synergistic vibration,

a flashing murmuration.

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