All around the wrapped 

and dappled curl,

a dazzling hum is rising.


With inner winds

that murmur green 

in fingers, 

fronds stir with the


Stretched beyond themselves

they open,

whirring with exchange

on every side.


So audacious,

this molecular trust,

each action meeting reaction

open handed.


Do you wait

for permission?

It is already yours. 


You are also this 


spinning, in each element and photon, in

every flashing day and season,


for all things

as one.

No life loosens out of sync

or alone. 


We are each of us

an opening,

a heady wind


We are dazzling 

and audacious when


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  1. I really like the visual this creates as I think of my garden. I see fiddle heads greeting the spring The WOW is when you transitioned to people. I especially saw this with the seniors in High School that I’ve watch grow from freshman and soon “unfurl” to college. Thanks

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