As summer’s arc bends,

pulling its vivid greens from the

fading forests


mushrooms appear, rushing across sphagnum

like the tide, 


whispering secrets in mycelium and spore,

rising under skies 

dark enough 

once more 

to hold stars.


Traveler, you are welcome here.


Bring along your deepest night, where

grows a thicket in the deeps. 

For within its rich and rippling web

glows a luminescent 



Traveler, this is the way.


Follow the bouys of sprouting caps, bright 

as the leaves that circle you.

Fall down gills and stems that bend with waves

to the earthen sea below


where sings the

song of untold currents



flooding your every rooted night

with the siren’s 


of your own unwavering



Traveler, welcome home. 

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