The alpine willow’s fire

burns close to the ground.


Come autumn,

as each blade burns hotter, 

a catkin rises

like a plume of smoke

or a white flag.


Come closer.  

Like you, every cell 

still hums 

from root 

to flaming tip,

each a vibrant expression

of the whole.


We have each known a wintry night

or a darkness without stars,


but this —

this lone shoot is the opposite of



It holds the creation of 

a collective, 


that will burn as

millions of prayers,


carrying us forward

like sparks,

like lighthouses,

like the stars 

that were there

all along.



*Dedicated to those of us who have felt physically powerless and/or unsafe in the presence of another human.

Yurt dweller, parent, partner, writer. Knows some things about medicine, life coaching, teaching, and the wilds.

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