As you measure your days from the suspension point,

the dog rolls belly-up into full gravity surrender.

Her four paws drift above silky thrown-back ears

and lips drawn like drapes, pulled away to reveal

the killing-canines of her ancestors, sharp slashes in the softness,

oddly comic, almost fierce,

like the freeze-frame squirrel that posed quivering this morning

in early spring slim, red coat fanned by the sun

into embers caught as ellipsis, between pause

and alarm, admonishment vibrating its question-mark tail,

reminding me not 

of this gelatinous dog, slack-back relaxed in a parenthetic joy,

but of how easy it is to not notice my own shape, or how I punctuate this life,

and what it might mean to read it.

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  1. Wow, this definitely did not go where I expected… So, so good at the end!! Thanks, as always, for writing.

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