December Bear



December Bear


Your nape hairs rise 

as the bear saunters near


and you drop everything you’re holding

just to see it move 

like water, or your memory of it

a flowing locomotive of shoulders in ink

churning like the night 

or a river, on snow


and you wish to call after it


and when 

filling in the answers like a school girl

with a notebook

in your oxbow lake haven, hidden nearby


cut off from the current

but close enough to listen

and to recognize what responds


in the woolly underfoot,

the snow-dusted ruff,

the nostrils, cloud-steaming


so when it dares you to follow

this river of questions

luring you away 

from the bends you have known


your curious soul rises

overflowing its banks

and tumbling, it reaches


 for the promise of nothing 

in the loving of everything


one track 

at a time

like a December bear.

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  1. Aaah yes, sauntering near makes it quite okay. 😉


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