If you wish to see us

said the mushroom 

dare to look 



go past the cheeky caps

sent tumbling through the forest

like a cart of ripe apples

overturned in the green


where they shelter new tales

each dressed to the gills

in a brief and 

lusty arrival.


They are distracting. 

It’s little wonder 

that few remember 

the source 


of their tales

though it lies close beneath the duff

in a vast, rich sea 

humming and nervy. 


This is where to find it:

Life, spinning starlight

into the beginning of all stories

including your own


reaching across the veils

to be seen.

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  1. Beautiful, I love this one, especially the starlight spinning stories and the reference to the veils! And the image of the spilled cart of apples, perfect. Bravo as usual, Trisha 🙂


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