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Welcome to Bearbones.

Since Winter Solstice 2017, this has been a home for poems. They came as lines in the night or dreams that lingered, and are more creatures in their own right than clusters of my painstakingly chosen words (though there is that, too).

Behind each poem, there is a story — an encounter with a moose, or a generous tree. At times I’ve wished to share these backstories, and the curiosities they inspire. So I’ve decided to give that a whirl as of January 2020.

I’m hesitant, not wanting to influence the reader-poem relationship. I’ve come to see that interaction as an intimate and personal thing. When a poem is delivered well, it becomes yours. An effective poet is a skilled messenger. 

Yet that poet can also be a guide. The challenge is to share the story, while still protecting the space in which poems work their magic.

So that is my goal in offering short essay/poem pairings. I hope to pick my way between too little and too much, offering a glimpse of what wants to rush through — so it might commune, independently, with you. 

I also hope that my sharing a few lines in this way stirs something real inside of you – you know, the Velveteen Rabbit kind of real. And then maybe, someday, that motion might build into something undeniably alive for you, an inspiration of your own that spins off into the wild world we share – and nudges still another.

Go. Do it. I’ll keep the fire going.

Tricia Elliott/bearbones

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